Saturday, February 26, 2011


At the realization that I may actually be done half of this pregnancy, I came to a stop... holy cow... I could be half done already.  *shock follows*  And then I quickly looked down, and realized that... I'm not nearly done half growing haha

A lot of people ask me if I'm afraid to get attached.  The reality of surrogacy, is that, of course I'm going to get attached!  These babies are growing inside me, wiggling and breathing in my amniotic fluid.  I get people who say "Oh, I would fall in love with that baby too easily!" Of course as surrogates we love these babies, and we are proud to give them amazing parents!  I don't know a surrogate who doesn't love that child that they hand over... but it's a different kind of love.  When you are carrying your own baby, you think of baby names, you buy little clothing, you imagine the first car ride home, it's magical.  Surrogacy... is so much more than that.  We grow these tiny babies, for a family [I don't mean just a couple, that child will have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... it effects more than the parent... it effects their entire families!].  How wonderful is it to give birth, and be able to see those first moments with their parents?  It will be absolutely amazing.  I'm not sure if any of you have been in that delivery room with a friend or relative... but I've seen it... it's absolute magic.  It makes everything so worth it!

When speaking to other surrogates who have gone through the birthing process, they said to me "It wasn't like my own children, when the baby met their family... it's like that's where they belonged all along."  I know it's hard to understand, but with surrogacy, you don't do all the preparing, rushing around.  You get to enjoy the pregnancy for what it is - a pregnancy.  I loved being pregnant, loved birthing... but helllll no I'm not having more kids LOL

Anyway, here are my 15 weeks pictures, hope you all enjoy!

Well... we don't see the feetsies anymore unless I bend over to purposely see them lol  I can see them when I walk, every time I take the time to look down when I walk, I reintroduce myself... and then usually run into somethiing bahahaha

I have no fricken clue how to do those crazy picture slides on youtube yet, but I'm crazy about trying to get one together, if anyone could do it for me or something... you could easily compare me to a 60 year old... I'm surprised I figured the blog thing out... it took awhile to figure out the picture thing though... still working on making these things fancier for you all. 

Don't forget that if you want to know anything... just ask.  You won't know until you ask, if I don't have the answers for you... I'll find them, interview random people on the street for all I care. [Just kidding, but I probably would do that].

I don't know how many other surrogates actually follow me, but I have found in the last few days, that people are quite amazed by surrogacy. lol.  I went into the small corner store and the lady behind the counter asked me if I lost weight.  I said "Kind of, but I'm carrying twins everywhere, so that would wear me down a bit!" She thought I was kidding... seriously.  Then I showed her the belly.  She believed me.  Then I told her they weren't mine! I was just carrying them for someone else!  She laughed again, and honestly thought I was "pulling her leg".  She asked me the normal questions, about money, and heard you could make quite a bit.  I said the usual "Yeah, if you're in it for the money, you could make a small fortune."  I hate how everyone always jumps to the conclusion that I'm in it for the money.  Seriously folks, I only asked for my immediate pregnancy expenses to be paid for, honest to God.  You can ask my IP's... money is NOT what I'm in this for, and if you think I am, you got it alll twisted.

I also went out in a blizzard [walked] for snacks tonight and ran into an old acquaintance that I was pregnant with for my daughter.  We used to be super close in middle school, she was my next door neighbor, we lived out in the sticks.  Aaaanyway, she was at the gas station I walked to, and of course, she was also shocked, brought up the money thing. In the end she had me undo my coat, undo my sweater and she actually felt my belly lol  People REALLY don't believe me! Honest to goodness!  When I left, she probably STILL doubted it haha 

I don't publicize it much to be honest, and when I found out I was pregnant, I didn't call family or friends.  I called 2 friends... that's it lol  So even though I live in a verry small town... pretty much everyone is shocked, and there are stilll family members who haven't heard.  They aren't mine, and I think that it's for the parents to do all the spreading around. 

Anyway, it's like... past 2am, but we had a movie night and as usual, I got carried away haha

Thank you all for following, and I reeeeaaaalllly do appreciate it everyone.

Leave comments below, I love them haha


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