Friday, February 25, 2011

YouTube Blog From Another Surrogate

So, I had a few people ask me for the links to the blog that I was talking about a few blogs ago, and after getting her permission to put this out there, I got the links for you guys, so here they are.

Her Youtube Channel's address is And she has two blogs, the first one is clearly labelled "Surrogacy"

Her blogspot blog is also on here, and she is a follower of mine if you want to go see that way, but here is the link

They are both amazing and touching blogs, and encourage everyone to go through them, the endings are always sooo emotional for me, no matter how many times I look them over, i cry everytime!

Today we are 14 weeks 6 days!  Almost half way!



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  1. Awe! Thanks Cathleen! Feel free to comment or ask questions anyone! Im an open book! :)