Monday, April 4, 2011

20 Weeks.. Found An Outfit I Really Like hehe

So... as far as maternity outfits go, I think we all have that certain outfit that we really like and tend to wear more than the others haha  This is mine

I will admit... I wear it as a suit whenever I can, you can't see the jeans, but they're navy blue and even thought they fit "snuggly" now, they're not small yet [thank god].  I absolutely love this suit together, and it doesn't make me look humungous ... anywhere, which is fantastic.  Some shits will give yoiu the love handle look, others make your boobs look huge... it's hard to find good maternity suits! haha  The pants don't empasize on my thighs or butt and the shirt doesn't make my belly look bigger than it is, it gives an overall slim look.

I also sometimes get annoyed with shirts that are baggy in the wrong places and make you look fat lol 

Admittedly, I also don't like shirts that make my belly look tiny.  Because if they make my belly look small... a lot of other things have to be emphasized... not a big fan! 

Had to share with all of you I'm sure a lot of you have had the same problem with trying to get that perfect maternity outfit.  I will post a full body picture of this suit with the shoes I always wear with it when I have someone at the house to take the picture! 

For those just getting into the maternity cloth area, remember that comfort is #1.  If you aren't very used to wearing heels, don't even go there, your feet will swell like CRAZY... and your back is already under stress, so you don't want to add to that.

Flats are always a nice way to make you look dressy without all the discomfort.  Even then, remember that they should have a little wiggle room as well, because even if you think they fit nicely at 4 months, by 6-7 months, they'll be tight, even before walking around.  Round toe is usually preferred over pointed toe... again... mostly to do with a little swelling.

If you choose to not wear maternity pants [these aren't, they're just a couple sizes bigger], remember that they need to be loose, I would recommend NEEDING a belt to have them on over having a snug pair.  Even stretchy jeans will be outgrown in a very short time, the area just above the pelvic bone spreads out a lot before you even have a "bump".  When I first got these pants about a month ago, I needed a belt with them, and now I can go without.  As soon as pants get tight, stop wearing them, because it'll make you feel really sick, and it's not good to have any pressure on your uterus.  Don't be afraid to wear pajama bottoms for a couple weeks around the house until you fit into the next size pants.

For maternity pants... not all are made the same way.  That elastic part makes a HUUGE difference.  I've so far found for this pregnancy that the full elastic just doesn't do it for me.  It DOES offer support, and I loved it for my second pregnancy.  However, with this pregnancy, the support is TOO much, where I feel really squished in, so I just roll the elastic down a bit, and it adds a lot of support for the lower belly, and makes a BIG different for ligament pain.  Remember that you don't want them to be TIGHT.  We tend to grow... fast... so you want something to do you at least 2-3 months as maternity pants... are a bit expensive. 

Shirts are a lot easier.  You can easily buy a larger shirt if you don't want to wear a maternity shirt.  The benefits of this, is that it's a lot cheaper.  I like maternity shirts because it gives me a "pregnant" look instead of a "oh, she still hasnt' lost the baby fat" look.  Maternity shirts are a bit tricky to get the proportions right though, I will admit.  The boob parts aren't always flattering, but they are made to grow.  I have a couple shirts that I tend to wear a sweater with to avoid the "boob popping" look haha.  With shirts, it's all about body type and preference.

I don't much bother with accessories in pregnancy.. I find I'm stuffy and warm enough without, but a lot of people like to wear long necklaces to take emphasis to the belly, and away from everything else [that is... everything else that SWELLS lol]. 

good luck ladies.. maternity shopping can be exciting... and a bit discouraging! haha

have a great day everyone!