Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clinic Availability

I'm thinking that I should have UNavailability.

Yes, there are apparently some clinics who won't work with you if you are embarking on a surrogacy journey, right now my biggest fear is that my couple will back out when/if we can't use a clinic nearby. I contacted BOTH possible clinics that my Intended Parents are willing to work with, and so far, I've heard one of them won't work with  us, but I won't give up until I get an email back from them stating this.

I found a lawyer willing to work with us, and is within 20 ish minutes from my Intended Parents' house, so I'm excited about that at least.

Absolutely nothing else has started though, I've done all of this on my own, 14 months really isn't that much time when you think about everything that I'll be doing in the next few months to have it all done, I want contracts completely done in 12 months at the most, I dont' want to be doing contracts and finalizing it the morning I do the transfer.

Most people get stressed by everything they're doing, I'm the opposite, I'm stressed out by what has yet to be done, which really is a lot. No one has had testing. There has been no referral to any fertility clinic, we don't even know what clinic we'll be using. We don't know what Dr will be over seeing the procedures. We don't even know if we should be looking for an egg donor or if my Intended Mother can use her eggs, and finding an egg donor ALONE can easily take 6 months, probably longer in our area.

There is so much to be done, and most of it, I can't do on my own.

Understandably though, they have their wedding in about 9 months, but everything for that, as far as I know, is booked, and scheduled and now they're just waiting for the date to come. If we wait until then to get a mov eon though, there won't be enough time, there will only be about 4.5 months until we would need to start medication, even for the best of people, 4.5 months is cutting it close when you don't even know wh at clinic you're using.

I am trying not to stress out, but the next nearest clinic is 13 hours away. That's a big difference, we were going to use the clinic in my Intended Parents' city, so it's 10 hours from them in stead of 20 minutes, and I don't know if they're willing to travel not only them, but me, that far, and we'll need to be there for a few days before transfer etc. It would change almost everything. Muuch bigger ordeal.