Thursday, June 9, 2016


So I had some spotting yesterday/last night. I told my IP's and warned them that it may just be stress from finally having contracts signed and the negotiations that went on the last few days about it all. Which was very stressful to me since I believed everything had been agreed to begin with. Turns out, my period started a couple days early.

In any case, I woke up with a good flow, and today it has picked up even more (said goodbye to two pairs of underwear and a pair of pants actually). The good news is that my lining was nice and healthy and fluffy last cycle so I can assume it will be this cycle!!

My IP's booked their flights and hotel last night and will be here on the 21st! They are only staying a few days so I'm really hoping that we get ovulation within those days! 

Twelve more days until they're here!!! YAY!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Insemination Kit Explanation & Update

After a bit of going back and forth and waiting forever (or so it seems), we signed contracts May 21st and June 1st (they signed, then it had to come to me to be signed).
I am currently 10 ish days past ovulation and the mock cycle went really really well.

They are figuring the week of the 25th is our week!

So we are waiting on my period, booking flights and getting ready for the inseminations!!

I ordered the insemination kit online from Ebay (today) to ensure it is here on time.

I will show you what is in the kit!

These are ovulation tests, which I will take prior to anything else here, for days beforehand, to ensure that I ovulate at the time of the insemination. When the test become positive, we will proceed with the other pieces of this kit.

These are the sterile cups that will be used for my IF to collect his semen in.

My IF's "sample" (semen) will be drawn up into a syringe right away after he puts his sample into the sterile cup. Delaying this process could result in sperm dying before we get to insert them.
I will then have my own hotel room, and relax and insert the syringe as high into the vagina as I can to ensure I inject the semen as close to my cervix as possible.

After injecting the semen (which has been thoroughly tested recently) into my vagina, I will then put this instead cup into my vagina, it will be like a cup around my cervix and will keep most of the sperm from leaking out and increase our chances for fertilization. 

I also have both ovulation and pregnancy tests already at home, but they come with the pack so I will explain these as well. Starting at about 6 days after ovulation, I will start to take pregnancy tests and take video for my intended parents to watch every day to see if it is positive or still negative. Starting at 6 days after ovulation, they can watch the first test be negative, and hopefully the following tests will at least have a line that you can see a little bit. 

Our estimated insemination date is June 25 2016. So we are just waiting for my period to start (due in about four days). Feel free to ask questions as we go!