Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Blog For Today Ran Away...


Thought I would share this picture with you!! Our son was about 5 weeks old in this picture... hubby went to go give the baby a kiss... and the baby got him first!!

So, I've been working on a great blog for you...
All day and all last night...

I had a friend who had been asking about my blog posting.. and I told her, just wait... I'm just doing the final touches!! I promise it'll be there at 6pm!!

6pm came.

I got excited.

Went to my Word Document.

Pressed "Open".


How did you GUESS?!

My blog that I've been working on for two days!!

So... this is my sad excuse for a blog.. to try to replace my amazing one.. which I will have to put together tomorrow... man... that SUCKS.

This is karma for putting the kids to bed early!

Lesson of the day... Just post the damn thing!

Hope it put a smile on your face ! :D