Sunday, September 5, 2010

There Is A First For Everything!!

I have exciting news!!

No... we're not pregnant. lol

Two days ago (September 3rd) I used skype for the first time with my Intended Mother !!  It was amazing, and we both had to wonder why we had not thought of doing so sooner.  I could not keep a straight or serious face, I just smiled for the entire 2 hours and 55 minutes.  Yes... I know the exact time... it was a very special time for me!!  Extremely exciting!!


Also, last night (September 4th) I got to meet their son!!! Well, kind of.  We brought the two children online to see each other for the first time in real person.  Well.. as real as it's going to be for awhile... gosh, you know what I mean!!!

He's just adorable, and a complete computer hog of course haha  However, my daughter was the way and every time he would say something (our microphone is broken, so no two way communication) she would get excited and point at the screen and say Prince (child's name here).  It was just adorable.

Needless to say, we both had to peel the children away from the computer !!  It was lovely!!

Another HUGE update.  Well, this may actually be bigger lol

I had asked my Intended Mother to be my Matron of Honour!  I was so happy to see that she approved  and accepted!

So, I wanted to share the dresses and hair styles I've picked out (in the last 4 hours, so bear with me haha).

Matron of Honour Dress

Bride Maid Dresses

Flower Girl Dress

Bride’s Dress
Bride’s Hair

Hopefully my whole 9 followers can just click on those links! 

I'm still looking for Mother of The Bride outfits... but I'm getting there!!  She will be giving me away at my wedding and I'm so very excited!  We have about 10 months until the wedding [I wanted a month after birth to get back to my pre pregnancy body], so I think by then we should be all ready to go!!

Here are some suits/dresses I have been looking at for my mom. I've never seen her in a dress, so I don't know what to expect her reaction to be to be honest... so I will have to talk with her before I go crazy and take her measurements and buy the suit/dress.  

Anyway those are just a few ideas.  If anyone out there has any ideas for her, please let me know!!  She's big busted, and tiny everywhere else, so I have to take the into consideration haha.  

OKAY!! I think I'm all updated.

Side note... it's 0427 hours.  Babies will be up soon... gotta hit the SACK.

Thank you Momsicle in advance... you've already been such a kind soul to me and you've helped so much in giving me advice for this wedding.  Your every girl's dream Maid of Honor!!  I love you!!

And for everyone else... I'm not all that sappy.... lol

OH ... and AF should be here in 5 days :P  Will track Ovulation cycle after that, but having some cramping tonight so maybe AF will show up a bit early this month, which is okay, we have made precautions for that!  

This time I'm really done!! Hope you enjoyed! Leave lots of comments, constructive criticism, and compliments please!!!

OH and the theme of the wedding is pink and black, everyone attending the wedding other than the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honor and Flower Girl will be following this dress regulation.