Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just For Fun!

I found out that I can look at my stats!!  Here are some of them, this was the most interesting for me, and I had no idea that so many people actually read my blogs!! It completely blew my mind and had me blushing.  Nor did I know that I was sooo international :P Just kidding, I know exactly who looked at it from the UK and Australia, I kind of bugged them into it. But it looks good for me! LOL

It's a big blurry because I've made it a bit small to try to fit it on here without disturbing everything else on my page like the cycle calendars did [sorry about that by the way].

Finally Something Super Exciting!!

soooo hehe

I GOT MY CLOMID TODAY!!  Which  is ironic, because I also got birth control today [not to be used together lol].

I thought that everyone would want to know!! :D  I'm soo happy I'm jumping around!!  We'll be taking them days 5-9 for a first cycle.  The earlier in the cycle you do it, the better the results are.  3-7 would have been my first option either way, but not sure how that works once we have IPs etc.  You ovulate 5-10 days after the last pill, so keeping that in mind, scheduling is harder, and my doc recommended we started with a 5-9 day and move up.

The way follicles and clomid work are as such.

On CD1, you have many follicles starting to grow, about 20 per cycle.  On day 2, they start to die off as a woman's body only matures one egg a month, choosing the best of many follicles.  Day 3 is when you have about 10 still growing, and is also the day your body starts to really get serious about finding that one egg.  For those who have been trying clomid awhile, some may start on day 3 to get 2-3 eggs for higher chances.

Day 5-9 you usually get 1 egg, sometimes 2 depending.  It is lowest risk for hyperactivity in the ovaries.

by day 6, there is one egg bigger than the rest and your body takes that one egg to grow.

Think I covered it all :D

Anyway, we're super happy today even though I have to cancel the kids' appointments lol

Have a great day everyone.