Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm so excited over something SO minimal!

No, it's not a transfer date - or even a tentative one.

No, it's not start of meds dates.

No, it's not a retrieval date.

It's not even a start of meds date for the Egg Donation.

Alas, it is just a date for my mental evaluation.

HOWEVER! This is my FIRST EVER date for clinic screening or testing. Therefore - I think I have the right to be overly excited! haha.

This is a double wammy though in many scenerios.

It is also the date that I get to meet not only the woman to whom I'm donating my eggs to -- but also my IM for the surrogacy!

I haven't yet even CALLED her yet to let her know, only a few people [until now] knew. We are looking at flights and hotels and hopefully it'll be quick and painless and everyone will do great!

In other not so exciting news... it seems as though it is officially winter here in Bathurst.

We have about 4 inches of snow and our first storm is supposed to be tomorrow! I really wanted to get some of this testin done befor the snow hit!

You hear it all the time that when you don't want your monthly visit, it comes when you least expect [or want] it to. The same goes for when you DO want it to start! I am officially 11 days late today. Yep. 11. I had some stressful knews a couple weeks ago when we were told that we would not qualify for any daycare/babysitter assistance so that I could work. I have also been stressed out about whether my IP's for the ED were still moving forward, as everything seems to be going so damn slow, and they know that I want an April transfer in hopes of having a due date around Christmas next year.

The timing for the ED is very important to have a 2013 baby, as you have to wait 3 months in between an egg donation and an IVF transfer. I'm realllly hoping this works out because I want so badly to give my IP's a wonderful Christmas present for next year and in all honesty, it would be great if they were here during the Christmas season for something as special as the birth of their first [and potentially second] child.

As the days wear on, I am hit with the realisation that -- indeed -- the time is nearing and that it is a mear four months away from a potential transfer!