Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 Months and New IP's!

Yes, can you believe that we're already at 4 months pregnant?! It's flying by!

Belly is starting to grow, baby is kicking.

I'll post my 12 and 16 week pictures:)

12 weeks.

16 weeks.

Still feeling great though. This is the pregnancy I've been themost sick though, not morning sickness, but actually sick. I had influenza last week,and I've been continuously getting a cough. It's driving me nuts! As soon as I get better, I catch something else, it's really unbelievable...and of course annoying.

The baby's heart rate is always at about 150, just like my first four. We're measuring a bit ahead, which is fine, I figured I would as my last menstrual period does NOT add upwith the due date they gave me at all. That 10 days in either direction is definitely the case here!

Most of my pregnancy symptoms are mild at least,I can't really complain. Just starting to feel some ligament pain,but we're heading into a growth spurt, so I expected that until growth slows down again. No stretch marks yet, but like every pregnancy, I can't deny the risk of getting them!

Now, the part you're really here for :) I meet my new IP's, who live only about 2.5 hours away, this week. I've been keeping it under wraps for awhile, but I've spoken to them for about 3 months now. My old IP's were going to wait for me, however, they found someone MUCH closer and of course, I couldn't help but tell themto go for it. It definitely stung, but making themwait isn't fair either. The couple I am meeting is actually looking at wait until after June 2013, and I was ready for September 2013, so it all works out, they're in no rush.

We're looking at a GS journey right now. We'll see how it all plays out of course. I want to nurse this baby for a full year, so this way I can also wean in time to start meds etc. No idea on contracts yet, we're all just taking our time, but I'm sure that will be a serious matter in about a year from now. Everything fits so much better with thiscouple, I love how near they are, and how available they will be for appointments, I won't have to go through this surrogacy virtually alone, which of course, I figured would be a given since I could never find anyone near me.

They also want an after birth relationship. I keep in contact with the twins' mommy of course, but I've only seen them once since they left, which is sad. The six hour commute is of course impossible to make frequently, and of course I got attached tothe twins, and even now when I speak to people about my children, I can't help but to include them. Maybe over time that will be different, butI doubt it. They were very much a part of my family for quite some time, and knowing that in a few months I'll be getting less updates really does break my heart. The one year mark has been a scary one for me to accept is coming.

All things aside, this seems to be a much smoother, relaxed journey and i'mvery excited. If we go the GS route, I really feel like I could give them twins, it's just a feeling of course. Of course, I would love to do TS again, but hubby just isn't there with this all, he's really not comfortable with it. GS is fine as well, and still accomplishes the goal of creating a family of course, and I like the higher chances of multiples tomake this family complete the first go around. Either way, I'm very excited to meet them, and see where this goes!

Will keep everyone posted of course!