Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Really Happening!

So, I started O testiing a couple days ago as you all know! 

Today when I tested, it was darker than usual... that is... there was a second line today!!  So I'm going to take them 12 hours apart now until we get a +!!  I took it at about 9am, so I'm going to take the next one at 9pm [another 9 hours and 10 minutes].  

My friends arrive in 21 hours 9 minutes!  How exciting is that!?

I'm having mild cramps, and I'm about to take some pamprin to see if it helps or not... if not it's not a big deal, the cramps aren't bad, just twinges.  

Hopefully next week I'll be able to switch over to real prenatal vitamins, the ones I'm taking I have to take three times a day and are less concentrated, as I usually can't take prenatal vitamins... too much for my system at one time lol

I have a friend named Candy who is also testing, so I'm hoping she gets a + today!!  She is also using clomid, and the latest she will ovulate is Wednesday I think.  Can't wait!!

I also have a friend named Joanne who is doing a transfer on the 3rd, so only a few days left for her, only 6 days!!

My friend Kare is waiting for her IF to get back from work [on the 10th] so that they can get down to the legal side of things and get contracts going.

Everyone is so busy!!  It's great!! And I hope they allll get pregnant this cycle!!  Pray for them!