Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pictures For You

CD4 [cycle day 4, on period]

Today [before drinking anything or eating]

About to start them weekly :P

4dpo today.  - test.  Just waiting around for tomorrow morning to retest.


Day 5


We're 4.5 dpo now.  I'm just waiting and hoping my IM goes online before I have to test.  I'm not good at waiting. haha

I've definitely agreed to waiting until my IF is home to test every day from here on out, as our chances of actually getting a + are getting higher and higher.  In two days, there's a real chance of getting a second line, and then 4 days after that, almost guaranteed if I did conceive.

I will say that not everyone gets their + 10-12dpo, and that some people don't get a + until 14dpo or even 16dpo.  Everyone's embryos travel at their own pace of course, so now we just have to wait and see right??

My biggest fear is ectopic.  I started to cramp a bit more today, and I know it could be implantation.  Probably not though, since it usually takes the embryo 5-8 days just to make it out of the fallopian tubes.  Implantation usually occurs on 6dpo.  That's the first chance we have of actually getting a +, however, I believe in testing anyway just in case hahahaha

Alright, so for anyone reading this who has become pregnant in the past, please comment me how many days dpo you were when you got a +!