Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pictures For You

CD4 [cycle day 4, on period]

Today [before drinking anything or eating]

About to start them weekly :P

4dpo today.  - test.  Just waiting around for tomorrow morning to retest.



  1. I am so flippen excited now!!! I'm sure you all are too, but frig girl!!! I can't believe it! yay! I love babies!!! I can't wait to see your belly pictures and the most amazing ending, the birth and then the most amazing picture of a new family blossoming!!! I'm so happy you are able to do this!

  2. I know! We are all sooo excited that this is finally happening and its starting to blossom so well now. its all just around the corner for us and we are so hopeful at this point and everything has just been so... beautiful.

    Thank you so much!