Monday, April 1, 2013

1 Month 26 Days


Yes, it may be April Fool's Day today, but I'm not joking when I say that time is finally starting to move faster, and that in 1 Months and 26 Days, I will be in Toronto!

Lately I have been emailing with my IF's, one of their fish has an infection in his tail and they are treating with antibiotics, it's been about a week now, but he is back to his normal self mostly, and hopefully Felix (real name) will be back to himself in no time!

I have been taking my cocktail of vitamins every single day, and now that the weather is nicer, I have been exercising in attempts of getting my body ready for the medication. April marks 4 months until a possible transfer, which is VERY exciting! 

I am currently watching as very wet snow plummets to the ground in my front yard like meteoroids crashing to the Earth, so April doesn't mean spring yet apparently. My current weight is ...icky. Let's just say I have about 30lbs I'd like to lose before starting birth control pills. With the weather still cold it's hard to do things like going out to bike, but I will be biking really soon! Even if it's in winter boots!

Evan is crawling now and is 7.5 months old. He's also standing up on everything and just learning how to stand up without any help or holding things. Can't believe how big he is. He's still breastfed mostly, but has cheerios every day and will get things out of our plates as well. He has learned how to screech (sorry neighbors!), and is learning to move things with his hands, he's a little charmer for sure! Time is flying.

Gabriel is going to be 3 this month (WOW!)...and mommy is starting to get him potty trained. Lexi was this age when we potty trained her. Having on in diapers when I go to the clinic will make daddy's life 100% easier I'm sure. He is learning colors, and starting to count (he's got up to 4 down now without help), he will be starting preschool soon after the surrogacy is done. He's speaking in complete and complex sentences now, which has made caring for him so much easier on a day to day basis.

Alexandra (Lexi) is almost done preschool, she graduates in June (where the time has gone, I'm not sure). She's learning how to write and read letters and their sounds, she is learning phone numbers (ours, grandmas, etc) and loves to play games where we have to determine colors and shapes. She amazes me every day. She loves to test people's limits, asks questions CONSTANTLY, and is generally curious now. 

Josh is still...Josh haha. He has lost about 20lbs, and is doing great. He started to bike to work more often, and his lymphadema hasn't been as bad lately. I'm betting they're related! He is back on his ADHD medication and it's helping him a lot (he only started it at 19, but was off of it for a year and a half). Cadets is coming to a close for the year, and his ACR (Annual Ceremonial Review) is May 26th (cutting it a bit close?). The cadets look great and I can't wait to go (and not just for the food!).

As for me...I've already covered me! I'm getting ready for my trip to Toronto, so slowly I'm getting stuff ready to pack away. 

I hope that everyone had a great long weekend, and that the Easter Bunny spoiled everyone rotten, but that, overall, the time you spent with family and friends will last you until Mother's truly just around the corner *HINT HINT!*. 

Happy Easter Monday everyone, Happy April Fool's, and I hope that wherever you are today, you're smiling!