Friday, May 18, 2012

Time Continues To Fly

Every week seems to just whiz by me! I keep telling myself that I have to update.

As far as the surrogacy goes, my IP's have decided they do in fact want to use their own eggs. We'll know more in October when my IM goes in to see her cardiologist. She is also currently looking into breastfeeding after the baby/babies are born. We haven't settled on clinics yet, but we are now looking into using a clinic that is only a few minutes from them, and only about 3 hours from me. It would make life a LOT easier that's for sure!

We've also decided to wait a bit longer. We're looking at a transfer for December 2013/January 2014. There are many reasons for this. Most importantly though, she is a teacher, and she won't be able to ensure that she can help me in the last few months very much if she is working. This ensures that she will be off work, and able to focus on the surrogacy. She also has a wedding to attend in June 2014, so having me about to pop wouldn't be ideal. Then here is always birthdays for MY children, late April, August, and September. With an October due date, I don't have to miss any of them for anything.

It'll just work out better. I do have to rearrange what I'll be doing after my one year of maternity leave now though, as having June/July due date meant that I wouldn't have to go back to work. So, now we have to figure out what we'll do financially for that extra few months.

Speaking of maternity leave, I haven't started it yet :)

We are 27 weeks already tomorrow, I'll share a few pictures of my belly over the last few weeks, as I haven't taken one for this week yet to share!

Here are 22 weeks, 24 weeks and 26 weeks :) Starting to feel a bit achy at the end of my days now, but it is welll worth it. I don't plan to go on maternity leave until I go into labor, so the girls at work and I have started to joke about what our plan of action is when I do go into labor *if I go into labor at work*.

In another week and a half I have an OBS appointment, and I will be asking for more day shifts rather than night shifts, as I am walking to and fromwork, and at 9 or 10 o'clock, after getting up with the kids at 7am, I am really sore and walking, even if it's only 1km, is getting hard on my hips and pelvis.

I'm still sleeping okay at night, every now and then I get sore when I roll over, but that's about it.

Blood pressure is still nice and low.

At our last appointment at 24 weeks, I had gained a total of 8 lbs, and we were measuring 28cm for fundal height. I'm hoping that we're not still measuring 4 weeks ahead when I go back in on the 29th, if I continue at this rate, I'll be measuring 6 weeks ahead by fullterm. No thanks!

As always, thanks for reading <3 I'll keep up more now that we're nearing our third trimester in only a week. I'm nearing the point where I was toldI was 3cm dilated with the twins, so it's a bit nerve wracking, that would have been today. We're still closed and long, so we know that it's not the same circumstances, but knowing that in only 5w4d from today I would have had the twins, it makes me a bit off key :)

We also got our crib today so I look forward to sharing those pictures with you too!!