Monday, February 28, 2011

And The Bump GROWS - heavy on pictures

As the weeks wear on, unlike any other pregnancy, I notice these huge changes in my body.  From week to week, I tend to look down, and realize that I've grown quite a bit since the beginning of this pregnancy, when all the proof we had of this pregnancy was a pregnancy test of 50 and an ultrasound picture.  As the weeks go by, the proof is in the tummy! 

I've of course come to love the bump that I call "huge", but as time wears on, and weeks pass us by, I may be less and less apt to speak of the "bump" in such a favourable tone haha

I wanted to share some pictures of other people that I've found on the internet when looking at what to expect with twins, and i'm always AMAZED haha

Risk pregnant with twins

Yep, that could be ME lol

I just googled these, I didn't take from an online blog or anything, so I'm assuming I can't get in trouble for posting them lol 

I also wanted to post some of the tshirts I'm trying to save up for, I want them soo bad haha 

Sorry, on this site I can't save/copy the picture of the shirt, just show you the links grr - not sure why men are modelling this one lol
Proud Traditional Surrogate Maternity T-Shirt

I said I was going to post these sooner, but they're just amazing, so I wanted to make one blog full of pictures lol Sorry if you're computer crashed! haha

Well, that's it for today I think, I'm getting anxious to order some of these actually, and I'm waiting for the money to buy some and then I have to pick my favorite one or two! 

Which ones are y our favorite?  I'm having a reallly hard tiem picking!

Thanks everyone for reading these silly things hehe


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  1. The Zazzle ones are plain...I like the Proud Surrogate Of Twins...that one was cute!