Saturday, February 12, 2011

13 Weeks... Wow. Second Trimester...

Well... I guess this is it!  We are 13 weeks as of today, and have successfully managed to escape the first trimester.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hyperthyroidism and am now high risk [not sure if that would now make me high high risk ... not sure how that would work] for the rest of my pregnancy.  I'm on medication 3 times a day to try to control it. ...Not a good week haha


With all of the problems that happen to pop up at once right now, I wanted to make a quick note about ADHD, as my other half has adult ADHD and it is not easy to live with someone who suffers from ADHD.

Having said this, I want to make a quick note about ADHD awareness.  Unless one of the parents have it, it can be preventable.  Smoking and eating unhealthy during pregnancy [drinking a lot of caffeine even] significantly raises the chance that your baby will be born with ADHD.  By cutting down your smoking to 1-2 a day even make a HUGE difference in your child's life, and cutting out high caffeine drinks [coffee, pop] or minimizing them to the best of your ability will also help.  ADD is also a big factor, and is very different from ADHD. 

Please keep all of this in mind if you are pregnant.  It will change their lives forever.  Their relationships, how they cope with situations and other people.  How well they can parent their own children.  It is 9 months of our lives that effect 80 years and future generations after that. 

Thank you everyone who reads and follows me, it means a lot.  Surrogacy isn't easy, and no one HAS to do it, but no matter how difficult the journey, all surrogates hope for a wonderful life for the children who come of it.


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