Friday, February 11, 2011


I can't believe we start out second trimester in 2 days! 

It seems to have gone by like a freight train!  My kids are growing at the same rate as the twins seem to be, so it's always a struggle to balance mommyhood, chores, wifehood and surromode lol  The chores seem to have built up at a crazy speed over the last few weeks,and I'm cracking down on them this weekend!  I have most likely over 10 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, but at least they are clean.  I most likely have abother 5-6 loads to do and then I can start to slow down.

Looks like I'll be taking some time off from the housework [at least, in my house] from Monday to Thursday and leaving hubby at home!  A friend of mine offered to come get me and my children for a few days to get away.  It will be really nice, as I've never been out of the house for more than one night with the kids, and it may end up being something I do more often!

It will also be nice to have another mommy and for the children to be with other children.  It should be interesting to see how they both cope and see where they are at in comparison to the other children, who are a little older than mine are, but not by too much.

Also, I will be attending my first ever concert in March.  I will be 19w5d when we go see the concert, but may have to put everything on hold until I see my doctor about my sciatic nerve and to see if it's save.   Most of the information I found has said that it's more than safe until the last trimester, as the pressure could send me into labor, however, being a twin pregnancy, my doc may want to stay on the safe side and say no.  We will find out for sure on Friday!

I have been lonely going through this pregnancy on my own.  I guess that's all a part of surrogacy, and it's a part that I will have to live with.  We have only 21w2d until we are considered fullterm with the twins.  By 17 weeks, we will be half way there!  How crazy is that, in 4 weeks and 2 days we will be halfway!  It's great! haha  I'm not near tired of being pregnant yet, but it might have a lot to do with the fact that I have no preparing to do this pregnancy, so it's all about just focusing on my life and trying to find order, and no stress to have to add more!

My IP's haven't had internet in a few days, so when they finally get it back next week they will most likely have a lot to catch up on!

I wasn't sure if I would bring it up on here, but just this morning decided to.  I have been video blogging on and my  username is Cathleen1091 if anyone wants to go check them out.  I only have two, and only started at 12 weeks, as I didn't want to start themand then something happen to the babies.  Now that I know that I have survived the first trimester though, I feel much more confident to do them. 

Feel free to ask questions for me to post on my video blogs, and I will also answer them here too.  I love to answer questions, and it makes me feel like by educating, I could be making a bigger difference. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I will come back in and tell everyone how the progress is going on this house haha



  1. I tried to find you on YT.. You dont pop up :( Also.. not too sure why you deleted everyone from the forum.. I enjoy following your journey! xo

  2. I deleted everyone because I was removed and accused of horrible things. Not knowing who said them was very hurtful, and we are hoping to find and charge them with slander.

  3. Oh!!!! :( Im sorry to hear that!!

  4. I still cant find you on Youtube! :(