Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Okay... sooo much has happened.

9dpo we got this

soo... definitely pregnant! haha

I have a few more to show you though!!

We had our OFFICIAL pregnancy test yesterday at public health!  here it is!


I also had an ultrasound booked for like... forever for my gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas etc and I asked her to take a quick look to see how many there were... she said she could see TWO sacs!! We are going to have TWINS!!!!

Im sooo flipping excited and i cant believe this is all happening!  well, i can... and i kind of had the feeling that there would be more than one.  all she could see was block blobs for now, nothing in them really yet, so in another month, we will get to see if maybe there is a third! 

i couldnt get a pic, but next time i can!! 

okay, so these are the appointments book SO FAR

First Official Medical Pregnancy Test Taken : December 13th

First Blood Test : December 21st

First OBS Appointment : January 26th (after my and daddys birthday on the 23rd grr)

So now its just a waiting game for that lovely piece of paper in the mail saying when to go in for the next scan !!!  Im sooo happy that i can do this and im so lucky to have ips like the ones i do.  thank you to everyone who has been supporting us, LETS MAKE BABIES!!!!

This was DECEMBER 10th.  Not 4 weeks yet! 

Ive been reallly sick for the last few nights, so hopefully that doesnt last too long, but i have a feeling it will.

along with early constipation, nausea, weakness, my sugar gets low FAST and horrid nightmares for more than a week so far.

the nightmares are so bad im afraid to go back to sleep sometimes, and hubs is now working nights, so im alone in the big apartment.  its reallly scary.  i wont tell you what im dreaming about as it is realllly scary to be honest.

alright... i didnt have a whole lot of time on here, but i wanted to update

will be a daily thing when i get my computer back i promise!!!



  1. !!¡!!!!!!!!! Twins!!! That is amazing!! Congratulations to both you & the family you are surrogating for! They must be so excited!! :)

  2. thanks!!! we asre allllll excited!!!