Friday, December 17, 2010

4th Week Comes To A Close

We are already 4 weeks and 5 days!

Which means that we are nearly 1/8th of the way there lol

More symptoms of course. lol

Back pain.

More food cravings.


Calf cramps.


These just ADD to the other ones, as I am still having every single one of them.  I feel like Ive eaten too much, all the time, and yet, Im also HUNGRY all the time.  This of course, leaves me with a dilemna ... do I eat... or dont I??  So, yes of course I eat lol

This of course, is not a problem, as pregnancy is a license to EAT and EAT and EAT.  The only problem is that my cravings are a bit expensive, and especially this time of year, we dont have the money to order in or go out for supper often. 

I had some upsetting news this week though.  My hospital doesnt check beta count, which means that I cant give my Intended Parents exact numbers on where my hormones are at.  They said that they didnt expect them anyway, but I realllly wanted them to have that, and everything else.  Maybe my expectations of my abilities are just too high for the time being.  They are going to schedule a blood test for Tuesday, Im hoping that my doctor sends me right over to the hospital from his office, which would be GREAT, and save me a lot of gas money.  Again, this time of year, we cant afford much, and we dont have a car, so its 20$ to my doctors office and back and then its about 24$ to the hospital and back home.  So, it could easily be a 44$ dollar blood test, thank goodness Im in Canada and dont pay for the actual appointment and test!

I have Gabriel with me here at the library, as I still dont have a computer at the moment, and hes climbing all over me, which is making typing difficult haha  If Ive spelt anything insanely wrong, just ignore it hahahaha

My bump is getting bigger, which means Im still retaining more water, but its just my belly and nowhere else for the time being.  I dont even have a camera right now to show you guys, and im soooo sorry, I cant wait to have all my technology back, as I miss all of you reading and responding.

I will say bye for now, but I will hopefully get my computer back this weekend, and if not Ill try to be back on Tuesday! 

Take care everyone!!


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