Saturday, November 6, 2010

And The World Turns

Hey everyone... I was avoiding an update, but of course, that is not possible.

I have recently told my IPs I can no longer work with them.  I can not discuss why until we have decided what tg tell people... for now only leaving you with more questions than answers, and I apologize for that.

On another note, On Halloween night, I had a second gallbladder attack.  I was at the ER for a few hours and just now got my papers to tell me when my ultrasound is [December 14th].  We will only know after that what is going on, but I will keep everyone posted for surrogacy updates.

I was contacted by two same sex couples, one from BC and one from Nova Scotia.  Nothing is being done thus far, and do not want to be pressured into anything as I am still heart broken from the break down of my last contract.  Feel free to ask questions and I will write a blog to answer the ones I can :)


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