Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And So Alas... The Going Gets... Going

A lot of people are asking me all the time if I am searching for a new couple, and I have couples asking me to be exclusive.  Of course, this is not usually a delicate situation, and is excruciatingly hard to not want to help each couple who contacts me.  I truly do want to help them all... but of course I can't just line them up and say, okay, you're first, second, third ... it's not fair.  I am left to have to pick one.

Since my last post, which I know wasn't long ago, we've had a verrry close friend of ours ask us to be their surrogate.  Which of course makes it sound like an easy choice....  It isn't.  You get soo attached to these couples, where you want to just match them all up and go baby crazy.  You feel as though you talk about every aspect of their life, no matter how personal, and you speak of yours, putting your heart out for them, understanding where they come from.

I thought directly after the unmatching I was going to help our friend... period.  However, I didn't anticipate that other couples would have any interest.  If it were as easy as saying, I will help you such month of such year, it would make life soo much easier.  It leave me with a burning sadness in my chest to have to turn couples down, and I know that I am a surrogate, and have no idea what IPs truly go through, but I know the need and desire for a child, and I do believe that everyone deserves that need and desire fulfilled.

Alright, I didn't post pictures of the kids in their suits did I?  I also got flowers from my past IP's and they were just gorgeous, will have to post a picture of those too!

my dalmation
winnie the pooh
just me being silly
these are the flowers!!

Alright, so not sure if anyone wants the usual jokes, so I'll give you some more silly laws!

In certain sections of Pennsylvania many years ago, the Farmer's Anti-Automobile society set up some "rules of the road." In effect, they said:
1. "Automobiles travelling on country roads at night must send up a rocket every mile, then wait ten minutes for the road to clear."
2. "If a driver sees a team of horses, he is to pull to one side of the road and cover his machine with a blanket or dust cover that has been painted to blend into the scenery."
3. "In the event that a horse refuses to pass a car on the road, the owner must take his car apart and conceal the parts in the bushes."
It is against the law to fish from horseback.
In Bexley, Ordinance number 223, of 09/09/19 prohibits the installation and usage of slot machines in outhouses.
Back in 1924, a monkey was convicted in South Bend of the crime of smoking a cigarette and sentenced to pay a 25 dollar fine and the trial costs.
No one may catch fish with his bare hands in Kansas.
In 1930, the City Council of Ontario passed an ordinance forbidding roosters to crow within the city limits.
A Kentucky statute says:
"No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she is escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club." Later, an amendment proposed: "The provisions of this statute shall not apply to any female weighing less than sixty pounds nor exceeding 200 pounds; nor shall it apply to female horses."
Harthahorne City Ordinance, Section 363, states that it shall be unlawful to put any hypnotized person in a display window.
These excerpts are from the book "Loony Laws" by Robert Pelton (Walker; $8.95) Enjoy!

Tata for now!!


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