Monday, May 9, 2016


Okay so I've been pretty horrible at keeping you guys updated. Agreed. Accepted.

Here are my excuses :
I didn't match until about 5 weeks ago, so it's pretty new and nothing before then was "absolute". I also didn't want to tell everyone about couples because...they have a right to privacy as well. I had spoken to a total of 9 couples, 6 of which I didn't match with because they didn't want someone far away from them. One couple I ran away from when they asked if I would be a traditional surrogate and...essentially be a prostitute. They were serious. I came to love one couple, they weren't far away at all and it seemed like everything would work out. The problem was, my other half and I realized that we didn't want to go through another three rounds of IVF the way it was last time. I was so miserable and in pain from allergic reactions. We ended up deciding to do another traditional surrogacy. A surro-friend of mine gave me the name of someone out in Alberta (we'll call her Claire, which is not her real name) who is happily married, they both have great careers and all that they are missing is children. she contacted her lawyer right away and...that's as far as we have gotten. No rough draft. After over four weeks. Yes I'm serious.
We moved at the end of last month and everything was SO hectic, between the kids having to switch schools and me trying to find a way to keep them at their old school for the year, and Gabriel's 6th birthday party, it's been CHAOS! 

I went off of my birth control when we matched, which just happened to be the last pack of my birth control pills anyway. 

I tracked last cycle (this cycle) with opk's and cervical mucous. I got my positive on day 15, so ovulation was day 16/17. I'm on cycle day 28 just waiting around for Aunty Flo to start and I will be tracking my next cycle with temp, cervical positiion, opk's and charting. I'm kind of excited, it's been a year and a half since I've tracked my cycles with so much detail.
With no contracts done...or even SEEN at this point, my next cycle won't be used either, but if nothing else I can track it and see if it's the same as the previous cycle so that we can make plans for it to all work and fall into place.

See? You didn't really miss that much!

I'll figure out how to post my daily tracking info once my period starts, which I'm feeling will be tomorrow (12/13dpo) since I've burst out into pimples, I have the runs (always comes with a period I swear) and I'm moody AF and want to eat all of the kids' school snacks.

We have Willow's first birthday party this weekend coming (four days until she is one!!) so there is so much going on. Then the kids are out for school in June. I was hoping to do inseminations before they were out of school for the summer since it's so much easier to find a babysitter when half of your team is in school all day, but it's not a big deal. We will make it work!

As always, feel free to comment with any questions you may have, I will answer them. 

Now...everyone send me period vibes so I can move on with tracking the next cycle haha

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