Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Surrogacy...Round 3! Weeeeee're Baaaaaaaack!

You did not misread the title of this blog. 

Yes, I am looking to start my THIRD journey as a surrogate!

So far, I have started birth control pills (I would like to say that I had my IUD removed, which would be true...but I had it removed from my rectum...I'll write more about that on another blog...long story short, I needed another form of birth control lol). 

I have looked at probably six profiles so far, either I just didn't feel any kind of connection, or, in most cases, I live too far away for them to be able to attend appointments so politely said that I wasn't a good match for them. I hope that they all find surrogates local to them so that they can have every experience possible. 

So, now we are giving our profile to a couple who lives in Australia, who have one child already and who want a sibling! 

Nothing else so far to update really. 

Comment with any questions though, as always I'm an open book!

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