Monday, May 23, 2016

Cycle Update

May 17th - CD35 - Spotting was pink

May 18th - CD36 - Spotting turned to a flow YES!! 

May 18th - CD1 - all of the normal symptoms you get when you're miserable lol

May 19th - CD2...just chilling out...flow is medium

May 20th - CD3 - Still miserable :) flow is heavy

May 21st - CD4 - Basal temp : 36.6 flow is medium

May 22nd - CD5 - Basal temp : 36.7 flow is light, I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

May 23rd - CD6 - Basal temp : 36.6 flow is down to spotting. 

I will be starting to use the internet cheapy ovulation tests this week for the mock cycle! I'm hoping this cycle is pretty much the same as last month so that we know next cycle will be predictable!! If it is, then I have about 10 days until I get a positive ovulation test!

For those just queuing in, a mock cycle is a practice cycle, I am using the good tests near ovulation, taking temps, completely abstaining from sexual intercourse. I am exercising more this cycle though to try to lose a few more pounds to get to a healthier body (almost everyone can improve on this). I will be exercising lightly through the pregnancy and getting into the habit of doing so now is important!

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