Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cycle Day 34 17-18 DPO

Okay so.

This is my first cycle OFF of birth control after being ON it for like 10 months, so I'll give my body a break. I am getting a bit frustrated (a lot?) though.

My IP's are off from July 9th to 22 so ovulation needs to fall in there or they will have to take time off of work. As of right now my cycle will actually be perfect for that time if next month is like this one (and my cycle after that). we wait!


The contracts are DONE!!!
We should be signing it this week and that will also be out of the way! yay! 

It is 28 (twenty EIGHT!) pages long. Yes. 28. I'm not kidding. It's pretty much a book honestly, and I've seen lines for movies be shorter. 

I'm just happy they're finally done! 

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