Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 Day To Lupron!

Is it time to be nervous yet?

It is officially the 4th of July, which means there is technically only 3 days until I am supposed to take my Lupron injection!

For my many American (USA) friends, happy 4th of July!!

I relooked at my Lupron injection today, and I cringed. This is what I chose to do though, and I even if it isn't easy, I knew I wasn't signing up for "easy".

"Easy" doens't seem to EVER be what I sign up for...I have to reconsider my decision making skills.

Anyone want to take the Lupron shot FOR me? No? Anyone? What if I pay you? Not even then? That bad huh?

It's becoming more and more real that I will finally get a normal surrogacy journey (NOT to say that any journey is normal or typical or remotely ordinary, surrogacy is amazing and beautiful and...absolutely extraordinary!).

I'm getting super excited! It's crazy that now it's literally just under 6 weeks away to transfer! I remember when it was six MONTHS away! How crazy has the last year been?!

Answer : very.

It keeps me on my toes though.

I'll try to upload a video of my Lupron injection on Sunday, I make no promises though!

Happy Thursday, and I hope that all of my fellow surrogates are wishing me all sorts of good injection vibes and let's hope I don't have a reaction to the shot and I'm  hoping I'm not a complete baby about it (says the woman who has pushed 5 babies out of her vagina...figures).

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