Friday, May 24, 2013

55 Hours And 32 Minutes!

Well folks, the count down is on!

Yes...I have been away from my blog for faaaarr too long. Forgive me?

With surrogacy, as I've warned you, there is a hurry up and wait rule. That finally get something to do, you rush to get it all done so that things can go quickly and smoothly...and then you wait forever for the next thing to happen.

The hurry up and about to get worse.


On May 27th, at 6am, my flight shall be leaving Bathurst, and at 6:51am I shall be landing in Montreal to get my connection flight to Toronto. At 9:22am I should land in Toronto, where my journey should really actually begin.

I'll check in at the hotel, then I will venture around downtown Toronto. Then it's ZOO TIME! The pandas have been in Toronto since May 15th (from another country hehe) and they are staying in Toronto for 4 years, and then they will be going to Calgary for 4 years after that. They are the only pandas in Canada, so I'm really excited to go see them!

I will make sure to take lots and lots of pictures while I'm there, and I'll try to blog every day that I'm there.

For now, I have to start packing, and hopefully I'll be done by the time the weekend is over! Monday morning comes quickly!

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