Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Weeks To Go!

Can you believe it? Can it be true? There's only 21 days until I am in Toronto, really, since it's late, almost down to 20 days! EEEEKKK!!

So, you may ask, what's been going on? Why haven't I been blogging like I usually do?

You see, the truth of the matter is that...there really wasn't much I could update you all on. It was just me waiting...and waiting. I do have a small update though, besides the countdown to Toronto, which is huge to me and for those of you on my facebook, you know that there is a daily countdown.

Today, I got an email from the clinic, and they sent me all four pages (I'll clarify...yes...FOUR (4) pages) of BLOOD WORK that they'll want completed while I'm there. Hopefully there will be enough left to me when I leave. Everything you can possibly imagine is being pulled from my arm that day! I haven't even gotten into the other tests and screening that I'll be doing that day!

I knew that there would be a lot of blood work...4 pages though? WOW! I'll be sure to make sure I drink LOTS of water before going, and to bring some with me. Make sure I have a nice big breakfast too!

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here, and we've been spending a LOT of time outside lately, it's been really relaxing, I'm glad we got to enjoy the warm weather because it'll be dropping 10-15 degrees for the next few weeks again. I hope that it warms up anyway and that I won't have to freeze when I go to Toronto!

Evan took his first steps on his own last week, that's so exciting to me! The downside though, is that I may have to wean him soon, I don't like how he's learned how to walk over to me, pull my shirt down, and start nursing. I thought it was pretty cute the first time, but then I realized that if he continues to do that, I'll be caught in public while he exposes me! He's not nursing much anymore to be honest, just before his naps and before bed pretty much, it shouldn't be hard to wean him. He's going to be 9 months old in 5 days (where does the time go?!?!), so he'll be started on cow's milk. I'm a bit sad to end our breastfeeding journey, but it also means I will be starting my next surrogacy journey, so it's a give/take scenario.

On the topic of the separation, everyone keeps asking me if I'm okay, I really am! I'm so so so so happy. I keep asking myself, are you REALLY okay? Is this a show? isn't, I'm actually really happy. I don't think I've ever been this happy, even the kids are starting to come around and they seem happy now that mommy is happier. They really do pick up on everything!

As usual, thanks for checking in. I'll keep you all updated on when I get more information from the clinic! I have my appointment schedule, I'm still waiting for my travel itinerary, and when I do get it (it's already been booked) I will let you all know!


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