Monday, February 11, 2013

Ring Ring Ring!

My IP's and I are very new with each other, which is usually the height of embarrassing moments in any match. Trying to say the right thing, while still trying to be completely genuine and be yourself is VERY hard!

We agreed last week that last night at 8pm my time they would call. At 7:41pm I sat at my computer, and I wanted to relax. Well...THAT didn't happen lol I had had the kids in bed on time, read them an extra story each to ensure that their minds were tired and that they wouldn't need me while I was on this call. I had snacks on the table I could munch on while I spoke to them, and the baby was napping. Perfect.

7:59, I'm watching the time.

8:00...Okay, now the waiting can begin. Any minute.


No waiting...the phone rings. I panic. Phone rings again. I look down at the phone and wonder why the heck I'm not answering it.

The phone rings again.

I grab the phone and answer.

It was NOT that bad haha. we spent 27 minutes talking and I was so nervous I forgot about the snacks I had laid out for myself and I cleaned as quietly as I could as we talked.

It takes them 18 hours to drive to see their family within this region. 18 HOURS. They were telling me they leave at night so that there is less traffic but one year they did that and there was night time constructiona nd they were stuck in the SAME spot for two hours. Yeah...they are very dedicated to family because I would have turned around and said "Know what? let's try this again tomorrow" lol.

It all ended well, the baby woke up as we were finishing up, my dishwasher got filled, my living room got cleaned and my kitchen is beautifully gleaming lol.

In other news, I got in contact with a lawyer from New Brunswick today. He is on board to help with the surrogacy contract from afar, which is important to me. He is the only lawyer in New Brunswick that I could find and he is VERY easy going from what I grasp, which is PERFECT for me.

I gave him some background on me, and then I told him about the surrogacy that I am thinking will happen, how they have an egg donor, that they are same sex couple (men) and that they both have embryos. He wrote down some other details that I won't share here that are important for the contract and he told me to let him know when I receive the draft for the contract and we'll start going over it. He knows that we have until August and he said that he loves that we have time to work on the contract without strict time restraints.

Everything is falling into place :)

Evan turned 6 months old today, so I have exactly 6 months left to breastfeed him and then I'll be started meds shortly after. It all sseems so surreal right now!

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