Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slow Beginning Equal...Happy Endings

I keep saying how slow things are going and how crazy I'm going haha

We have a lawyer so far, and I'm thinking that at least that's done. I'm excited for that, maybe we can start on contracts in about 9 months...I hope sooner though, I want it completely out of the way before we even go to the clinic for a consult, since the clinic won't touch me until that's all done.

Speaking of Clinics, we will be using Create in Moncton, which is only 3  hours away, and that will make life a LOT easier. It means that my testing, screening, and transfer will be done in one day intervals, and I won't have to travel too far away and I won't have to be out of town for long at a time.


I know it's slow progress. But it's something. Our other option was the clinic in Halifax, who apparently will not be bothered with surrogacy at all, which I found sad. I was surprised that a SMALLER clinic would do it, seeing as how Halifax has one of the country's LEADING fertility clinics. It really is a shame.

I spoke to  my IP's about termination, and I was so relieved to find out that we're all on the same page. It really can be a deal breaker when one party isn't comfortable with the other's decisions, you have to go into a surrogacy knowing that ANYTHING can happen, you could potentially put two embryos in, and both split and you end up with quads. You could potentially have a baby who will not make it to term. You could potentially have a LOT of problems, and you need to be okay with what you've agreed to.

We also agreed on bedrest. I'm so glad that they realize that if I go on bedrest, I intend to follow it this time, and I want to keep that pregnancy going for as long as my Dr sees fit. I want to give that baby/those babies the BEST chance of life. Remember back with my first surrogacy, lifting my son would make me scream out in pain, and I didn't have the choice because I had ZERO help. Not this time. This time if I need bedrestI know they will be here for me, or they will ensure that we keep that pregnancy going by another means (ie hired help). It's so important that they understand that I also have to ensure MY children are cared for, as well as theirs.

Another important conversation we had, was if they were comfortable with me pumping for them. They were surprised that I would offer, but after taking care of a baby for 9 months, and then giving birth, I still want that baby to get nothing but the BEST. For me, that means breastmilk. I'm so glad tha they are open minded enough to accept my offer to pump, and if they'll continue to support it, I'll go for 3 months. Long term, it could save them a lot of money, and those little bellies will get lots of natural goodness!

So far, I'm completely satisfied with everything that we've agreed on and spoken about, we seem to be 100% on the same page and it'll make doing contracts that much easier! I'm so excited! About 14 months left now, it's starting to come together little by little.

I also have an update on Egg Donation. I was contacted and looks like I will be able to qualify to donate my eggs to someone! I'm so excited! I will have to be away for about 5 days, but that's nothing in comparison to how I'll be helping someone. I'm just so excited to be helping! I have to wait for another 10 months or so though as I can't be breastfeeding when I donate due to the chemicals, and because prolactin prevents good ovulation. So as soon as Evan weans I'll be good to go!

As a side note, I am looking into getting my kiddos these for Christmas, and thinking of getting the twins a set as well! They're just too cute! I love the owl hats!


She is a friend of mine, and I told her that I'd share on my blog. She is amazing and she's so fast and the prices are AMAZING! Feel free to like her page, and to contact her for a hat/bunting bag etc. She's also thinking of expanding her line to include goodies for mommies, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, she's so talented and I'm hoping that she can take a passion for a hobby and turn it into a small home business.

I hope everyone had a great September...BUT OCTOBER MEANS BIG DEALS ON CANDIES FOR MOMMIES TO EAT. haha

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