Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Weeks... 32 To Go the name of this post would suggest, it's been 10 weeks down.

Our first OBS isn'tuntil week 11 though. I find you wait forever and a day haha

Still have nothing figured out for this baby. Kind of up in the air. I wanted a real baby shower [while still pregnant], but this is a third baby, and I should have only had one formy first...after she was born. I am definitely conflicted, but we have NOTHING.

We are currently in the middle of "should we get a bigger house... or wait" kind of thing rightnow too. Having a third baby is really throwing me for a huuge loop.

I'mworkingmy butt off at work too. I was there for 48 hours this week, and wassupposed to be there today as well,but ended up having to call in sick.

We're finallygetting a new bed. So much going on.

We're moving the wedding up so that I'm not showing too much.

It's been hectic lol

Not much to update on though. Nausea ispretty well gone now. My pelvis is sore already, got pregnant too fast after having the twins. It's only bugged me one day so far, but I have a feelingthat near the end, hat will be a lot more frequent. It's another reason to put my next pregnancy off.

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