Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Home To Clean!

I've been gone the last few days to try to clear my head, decide what I want...  but mostly... to get away from the mess I call an apartment.

Upon arrival ofmy house, I wasn't too keen on staying here lol  I had thought maybe I could afford to just pay someone to clean it all for me... but I can't... so I'm on a mission today to clean as much as I can.  Kitchen and living room are the biggest chores to do, and they are my goal for the next two days!  Almost done my living room, and then I need to take a break. 

I know all moms get overwhelmed with chores sometimes.  As sad as it is, I'm not sure I am overwhelmed... just... tired.  I'm tired of seeing mess.  I had an amazing few days away from home to be honest, and just living in an environment that was clean... it made my month... possibly year. 

The children aren't helping, but it's not really their job to, so I'm going to be a "bad mom" and shove them both into their high chair and exersaucer and clean like a mad woman until this room is CLEAN!  WOOHOO FOR CLEAN LIVING ROOM!  *keep cheering!! I need the encouragement!  If there are any male cheerleaders around... now's the time to come out!* lol

Seriously though.. I need a few hunky men to come in and cheer for me to get this house done LOL

*anxiously waits a few hours* - they're not coming are they?  Didn't think so... *keeps folding laundry*

Alrighty... HERE WE GO!  I hear it gets a bit easier once the children start school... that better be true, because it's what I'm counting down to lol [just kidding, I love my children and love that they are little and still admire and want to be like mommy... rather that than have a 14 year old dressing like lady gaga or britney spears!]

Have a great day everyone!  It's bright and sunny here, clear blue skies ahead and it makes me feel good!


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