Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And a Very Special Guest Arrived

AF started at 3:30pm on November 14th!  Obviously, we weren't panicked as much as annoyed, since I was verry moody.

There isn't much to update on unfortunately.

I have a couple coming from the UK who we LOVE to bits.  They're not coming to work with us unfortunately, but maybe one day we can work together, and they are soo close to us [emotionally].  They've never been to Canada before, so I'm kind of nervous to misrepresent us. lol.  We live in a green area of the country, so hopefully we'll find enough to do to keep them happy for the week they're here!!

I have talked them into staying with us and we are inthe process of transforming the back room for them :)  The baby will be staying in our room with us, which is fine, as we just moved him to his crib not long ago anyway.  It's alll very exciting so we're cleaning the house from top to bottom and making sure everything is in tip top shape for them to arrive!!

They are not rich, and are in the same income bracket as us, so we don't have the worry of being judged for our humble beginnings :D  They are shy, so I'm hoping that the kids will bring out their smiles and they can relax while here, since the entire purpose of them coming is to get away and try to forget all of their bad luck so far.  Hopefully they don't mind me saying this, and if they do this part will be removed, but they have had nothing but bad luck with surrogates so far, and I truly hope that this can take their mind off of it.  If nothing else, hopefully we can do that for a few days.

I will be posting pictures of us all, as I can't wait to meet them in person, and this may be the ONLY time I'll ever get to actually be with them again.  I'll call them T and C for now, as I haven't asked if I can use their names thus far.

I'm not even sure if anyone is reading this anymore... as I haven't had comments in awhile... but nonetheless, this is my journal of happenings and it's important to write this all down!!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING week!!



  1. I read you follow me?

  2. yes I dooo. Although, it always takes forever for me to find your link, I haven't seen it since last month :(