Friday, October 15, 2010

To Answer Some Questoins... And Unfortunately... Confuse You A Bit More

Hello Everyone;

So everyone wants to know.. What's next?

Unfortunately, I do not have those answers yet, although [trust me] I wish I did.  We're all hoping to have it arranged soon, although, IF's job isn't very easy to work around for the time being.  There are a few ideas up in the air but YES we ARE trying again without a shadow of a doubt. 

None of us are giving up, I don't think it is in our nature. 

Of course, there are things I have to speak to Josh about first, it is fine for them to come to us again, but the main problem is that I am hoping to try clomid this time, and the only way for me to get it is to go there to start the treatments. 

This is of course still a bit fresh to us all, and I know myself, am still shocked that it did not take. 

God works in mysterious ways ... as most of you know.  There is a reason for everything, that is the only sure thing.... no one knows WHY things happen... they just do.    It's hard to tell yourself that as a surrogate... it is hard to convince yourself that it was out of your hands. 

If you have any questions, post them as comments, and I will make a new blog... I can't comment on my own posts for some reason... so this is really the only way to get back to everythone.

Thank you for commenting, I LOVE to read your thoughts and feelings, and thank you for joining me and following me on this journey. 



  1. I know its hard to not get pregnant,when it was so easy the first time. I have been going through that in my head for over 2 years. I got pregnant with twins, only bding once that whole month, and then we can do it every day in a month and not get pregnant. i think a woman has only a 17% chance of getting pregnant that month. something like that. Every month we are let down, I want to quit, but i have to tell myself no....I hope you can give this family what they want...but at the same you said...its Gods doing and there is a reason behind it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all this with us. I`m sure everything will work itself out and you will figure out what needs to be done now. It`s not easy being patient sometimes..but sometimes we don`t have a