Friday, August 24, 2012

Long Hot Summer

As the summer comes to a close, I realize that my house isn't a complete dump site yet even with three kids, one of which who is up half the night with gas (poor munchkin).

With the kind of heat we've all been getting this year (above normal at any rate), it's amazing any of us mommies are surviving!

Luckily, I have amazing intended parents, they've been visiting all summer when they can, which definitely helps me keep sane (human contact is great!). They came last week, and they brought me fresh veggies and the baby two ADORABLE suits and they even scrubbed my kitchen down!! Best gifts ever include food and cleaning after you've had a baby!

Here is a picture of their last visit, holding our little milk monster and our oldest :)

We're so lucky they live so close! The kids LOVE when they come visit so it makes it that much better!!

They're coming Tuesday, so I'll add more pictures then! They're still in the "we have to be gentle in case we break the baby" stage, but that'll wear off after the baby is a bit older! Almost no one sees newborns, and no one seems to realize that just because they're small doesn't mean that they are any more/less breakable haha

That being said, it really is driving me crazy that people think that he is "tiny"...when now, he's bigger than a lot of babies are at birth.

He's gained 21 ounces since 3 days old, which is crazy and great! 21oz in 9 days was amazing and I am so proud of my mommy milk!

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