Saturday, June 9, 2012

Push! Push! Push! Push!

These were the words I heard clearly as I lay in a hospital bed two days ago.



Bearing down.

Trying to concentrate on breathing.

After every push was a yell of exhaustion mixed with the intense frustration that comes from pushing a human out of your belly, through your pelvis, and out of a hole that normally would not stretch much more than 2-3 inches in diameter.

Yes, these were the sounds I heard while in labor and delivery two days ago for a pulled rib muscle.

A coworker and I had gone right from work up to the hospital when I had started to randomly puke at work, with a sharp pain in my left ribcage. Luckily, it's just a muscle spasm of course, and possibly a mildly pulled muscle from my continously vigorous walk to work.

We live in a town of about 12000 people. That's a very small number ofpeople, so you can imagine how many births happen each day here at our hospital - not many. When we arrived, two women were in delivery rooms, both were in active labor. They both delivered within about 45 minutes of each other. Hearing the intense emotion while each of them pushed and delivered was amazing, and honestly, it brought tears to my eyes when we heard the cries of these new tiny creatures.

After they had been moved from Labor & Delivery, we were completely alone on that side of the maternity wing. Two births within 45 minutes is a rare occasion here, unless of course, twins are born.

It also reminded me of where I would be in 10-12weeks from now, a mom of not only 2 children, but 3.

It also brought back a lot of amazing memories of my childrens' birth, that is, all 4 of them.

The excitement is starting to boil over now that I've reached 30 weeks, and I thought of my blog, and decided to give an updated belly picture. It's not as impressive as the one I had with the twins obviously, but I do intend to go 8 extra weeks, so who knows how bigI willget.

29 Weeks

I will be back soon though, I get to see the twins tomorrow, they will soon be 1, sothe time has obviously flown by. Only 3 weeks until their birthday!

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