Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Months Old and Clinic Info!

Hey everyone!

The twins turned 5 months old today! And yes... I do have some pictures for you! hehe.

Haley is now rolling both ways and laughing out loud, Gavin is cooing and babbling and is rolling here and there at his own pace! Next weigh in is at their 6 month check up right after Christmas, definitely excited!

Here are some pictures for you all!

Plainly, as you can see they are getting huge! What little cuties they are becoming! Haley is sleeping her nights and Gavin is starting to get close to it!

Okay, surrogacy update as well. I don't know what's going on with the Egg Donation but I'd be glad to start meds... tomorrow to get the show on the road. I would LOVE to think that it would happen on time for January, but I'm just not sure anymore.

I REsent allmy paperwork via Xpresspost, should be there by tomorrow... if not I'll flip a lid, literally.

If it is impossible to get the egg donation by the end of January then I will have to rethink it as a possibility until after the surrogacy. *wimpers*

On a positive note, I should have my testing for the surrogacy done within the next TWO WEEKS. How exciting is that?! I may finally get tomeet my IP's finally! I'm so darn excited! We are still all hoping to do contracts in January so that we can do the mock cycle in February so that we're all geared up for a good timed transfer to have delivered by Christmas. I'm starting to feel like this is actually going to happen... and I'm so fricken excited!

Work is going well too. Can't believe it'll be two months that I've been back to work soon! Seems to be flying by, and thankfully, work has become a distraction until we can get the surrogacy going, before that, it seemed like the time was going SOOO slow!

Can't wait, Tammy and John have been great and we're all getting nervous and excited, Josh is starting to ask questions about how it will all work, which means that he is excited too. Men never quite show excitement the same way women do, but its always a good thing when he's asking questions, this time he wants to be completely involved. It's great, and it feels like this will be a whole new story,a nd a completely different surrogacy. I can't wait!

That's it for now, but I will update next week! Will take lots of pictures and details of the tests as well! YAY!

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  1. they are sooo cute Cat :) {this is Holly btw :P )
    I cant believe how much they are growing eh!...They look so much like you..Ohhh thats great that Josh wants to be involved this time. Thats awesome news and I bet you are alot happier about it..This should go better this time.. :)
    take care xox