Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well... Do Ya Want The Results?

We had out HUMUNGOUS ultrasound yesterday!!

The ultrasound department wasn't too pleased though, when I arrrived, they let me know that my doctor only scheduled for one appointment... with twins, they should have booked TWO because they have to do all the same measurements... twice.

Either way, they seemed to put up with me very well.  They said "well, you definitely have the twin belly!" and then when I laid down she looked at me a few times and said "Did you know you're the same size standing as laying?!" It was a good laugh to see all their reactions for sure. 

The appointment was for 12:45pm, and I was at the hospital by 12:00pm to register.  I had number 204 and they were already at 201, so I diodn't wait for very long haha  After I registered, I went and got a big orange juice so that the sugar would get to the babies to get them moving a bit.  I had also drank 0.5 liters before I left home.  They normally say drink a whole liter and be done drinking it 30 minutes before your appointment, but I knew I couldn't hold in a whole liter, and the last time I had an utlrasound, he did just fine with my bladder empty.  They seen them just fine, and never even mentioned if I had finished the whole liter.

Baby A was first of course, which was the lower baby [they are now side by side, so it's just a matter of which one is lower and closer to the cervix from here on out].  Baby A had great stats, and they took 30 minutes to get all of the measurements.  Baby A's toes had to be measured with me on my side.. they were up under my rib cage already lol

The stats for Baby A are as follows:

Heart Rate : 148 beats per minute
Presentation : Head Down
Weight : 9.7 ounces
Sex : GIRL

Baby B wasn't as cooperative, and they worked on me for abotu an hour to get all of their stats.  This one just wouldn't stop MOVING!  She kept getting frustrated with B because B kept flipping.. and flipping... and she had to keep repositioning herself.  She took 7 minutes just to get all the shots of B's heart because of all the flipping, she would finally get a great shot.. and then B decided it was time to move! 

The stats for Baby B are as follows:

Heart Rate : 156 beats per minute
Presentation : ...Very Active. Undecided
Weight : 10.2 ounces
Sex : BOY

So yes, my IP's will be having one girl, and one boy. 

To my knowledge, they have... nothing... for a girl yet haha I told htem already I knew for SURE one was a boy, and I knew the other had top be a girl, I always know with my pregnancies what the baby is haha  I was so confused at the beginning of the pregnancy!  I thought my predictor was BROKEN!!  But then when we found out there were TWO, I knew why I had been so confused, and I guess right away for Baby A and Baby B.  I love being specific, and I had such a strong feeling about both babies being that sex, and I had kind of already bought a little something for both babies... one in pink and one in blue... two months ago.  Tags were already removed... receipt lost... haha.

It took us about 10 minutes to be certain about Baby B... he had his umbilical cord in the mix!  so, looking up through his legs, he had the umbilical cord in the way... so I told htem to give me a second... got up... had a bigg gulp of juice... andjumps 5 times.  Sat back down, he was moving so much that he kept kicking the cord LOL  We narrowed in on the poor guy, and waited for a good shot, and just like I told them... BOY!

She told me not to be alarmed if they were a bit small, by about a week or so, so we were expecting weights of 8.5-9.5 ounces.  Which was fine, as long as they were both health and placentas were good, cervix was good etc.  Everything checked out great, and i'm super duper excited until my appointment on Friday so that I can get some pictures, and I think this time I'll be photocopying the pictures to keep some for myself.  I'm  so regretful that I didn't do that with the first ultrasound picture, and I really am excited to do it this time. 

So, my personal life is finally looking up :) It's all about getting organized right?  Well, ti's been very nearly a whole months since my hubby moved out ... and I am finally sleeping a bit better at night.  I was getting nightmares... every night... all night from all the stress of money, the kids not listening, trying my darnedest to keep the house a float and in somewhat order.  And... I'm not going to lie, being pregnant with twins and having two very  young children + thyroid problems and a tono of meds... = near burn out.  I'm starting to look forward to thinkg though, I know it's normal to feel a bit down at first about everything.  I'm a real single parent at this point... it's not as hard as I thought though, and in a lot of ways... looking back, I was a single parent in a lot of ways before he moved out... I just had three kids instead of two.

I klnow some of you want to know what the status of my marital status is because people are noticing that I'm not wearing my engagement ring anymore... but what I want to also point out.... is that I'm not wearing my birth stone either, to which I've worn every day since I was 14.  My fingers have swelled a little bit, not during the day, but sometimes just after supper time about.  Juuust enough to make my rings a bit tight, and a bit uncomfortable.  I haven't noticed swelling anywhere else though, so  I'll take that as good.  The hands and feet are VERY common to get swollen, especially for someone like me, who cleans all day, cooks.... my hands don't ever stop. 

To stop avoiding the real answer, we're still working on knowing where we both stand right now.  A lot of people don't know a lot about my past.  I had my daughter at 17.  Yep.  17.  I moved out of my parents house when I was 3 months pregnant with her.  I stayed my butt in high school throughout my entire pregnancy.  Hubs moved in with me at 36.5 weeks pregnant... before that, I was alone and mostly on my own.  It was very lonely, and none of my friends could even come close to understanding where I was coming from and what I was experiencing. 

He was 17 too.  You know what normal 17 year olds are thinking about?  College....  Universities.  Going out to a friend's house.  Date nights.  Getting a passing grade on that Math test.  Sabotaging their sibling's hair.  All we could think about was... graduating [which he did a few months before she was born, he was born in Dec. 1990, I'min January 1991, putting him a year ahead of me], getting jobs, finding a place to live, learning how to take care of a baby, learning to let go of our friends and social lives.

I'm not saying we were the only ones on the planet who went through it... but we are a couple who are very few who got through that together. 

We celebrated 5 years together this week. 5 years.

After all the struggle, where id it leave us?  What were we fighting and struggling for now?  It left us in a weird place, a place where there wasn't a whole lot of struggling... at least... not the way we did with a baby and being pregnant again while I was in school, the baby was in daycare, and he was doing shift work with unpredictable hours, never knowing if we were going to make rent.  We never even talked about what it was going to be like when we weren't always exhausted, fed up, and... just holding on.  

That's the part we have to work on NOW. 

It may take awhile... could take months... could take longer than months.  But we have 5 years under our belt.  That's a HUGE accomplishment when you consider... all fo that.  Neither of us is giving up yet, but we've both admitted that things have to change, and we need to grow and change as adults... we've never done that.  So... we're working on things and trying to grow both as individuals AND a couple, just, living apart to make it easier.  We are still engaged, there is no idea on a date to get married, and for right now, we're not planning a wedding of any kind, we're just trying to get to where we should both be.. happy. We don't know if that is together... or apart yet, that's what we're working on.

Thank you to everyone who can understand where we are... and thank you for those who are supportive even through they DON'T understand. 

This pregnancy is going amazing, and not everything is perfect, but it's life, and  I think that even though we may not realize it... a step back is never admitting defeat, it's admitting that victory is a sure thing as long as we take the necessary steps to get there. 

My thoughts go out to all my US friends.  I seen the President's speech and... as confused as you may be... us Canadians... are like "What the hell?!  They BOMBED someone?!  Aren't they BROKE?!  What are they thinking...?  WAS he thinking?!"  So... yeah... we're with you with a big question mark on our faces too.  I'm not saying... let the leaders of crazy countries kill their own people, as I do think it's an injustice... I'm just saying... Could someone fill all of North America... and possibly the ret of the world... in?  Gotta do whatchya gotta do... but I feel the confusion <3  So, here is to hoping he hold another conference, and stops avoiding the question "so.. are we at war... or jsut dropping a few bombs to flex our muscles?".

thank you all for reading these long ass boring speeches lol



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