Wednesday, March 9, 2011



We have our ultrasound date AND time now for the anatomy [allll sorts of anatomy parts... like the little weenies...or.....buns? lol] scan!

Soooooo... we get to see the twins again March 29th, 2011 at 12:45pm Atlantic Canada Time!  For those of you who know me, yes, that's 4:45pm for my IP's... hopefully I don't ruin their supper by telling them there's a third baby in there.... JUST KIDDING... that would not be good lol 

We are also 16.5 weeks.  I always say there are no new symptoms... but sometimes, I forget the little things that I just expect to happen.

I've had a very achy pelvic bone for the last couple weeks.  I know it's just from growing so fast with two babies in there though.  I only really notice if I'm actually walking, like outside.  When I'm outside, I tend to take bigger strides... it reminds me that I have more of a waddle now, and to start to embrace it.

My ribs are starting to ache too... so it's all the normal aches and pains, and I'menjoying every single second!  Someone once complained about me in their facebook status, and it kind of opened my eyes.  When my morning sickness was really bad, were it was 5-10 times a day where I was puking, yes, I complained.  It HURT to dry heave that much, I was weak from not being able to eat and my house.... I couldn't do anything.  Seriously... anything.  I couldn't even switch my wet clothes into my dryer because just the moving exhausted me from not being able to eat... so yes... I 4 times complained.  I was upset that she was complaining about me to be honest... but what she said hit me later.  I don't have the quote, it was months ago now, but it was something along the lines of 

   "Don't complain about something that someone else wishes they could experience, especially when they have to read it every day when you get to do something that they can not."

I actually removed them from my facebook that day.  But... as time wore on, I realized that I shouldn't be complaining.  I am allowing someone else to be a mother... I am doing something that some women can't... they only wish they could experience the heart burn, swelling, sickness, aches and pains that some of us take for granted.  I will admit though... I WILL complain.  Sorry.  You'll all have to accept that pregnancy is not easy, no matter how much someone can love being pregnant... it's hard... a twin pregnancy... people think it's harder near the end, but that it's normal before that... they're wrong.  It is tough from day 1.  You are more sick, you grow like crazy, which creates more aches and pains, more  hormones, so more mood swings.. it IS crazy. 

I DID sign up for this.  However, everyone who has a job has signed up for that job, and I hear people complaining about their job all the time.  People sign up for their marriages, people still complain about that.  People sign up for children, and my gosh, not a day goes by that I don't see at least 10 people on my facebook home page who complain about being a parent.  We allll need to vent.  We alll have things to complain about when we have a rough day.  Parenthood and life in itself is not easy. 

That being said, I love this pregnancy.  I love the fact that i am able to be pregnant... with TWINS ... and not have to bring these babies home.  I MAY get stretch marks.  I MAY be miserable at some point.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE having this opportunity!  These babies are kicking and squirming and breathing in my tummy, how AMAZING is that?  Yep... they make my boobs hurt.  They may my sex drive.... disappear.  They make sure that I have no pants that fit.  They make me moody, and even short tempered sometimes.  I love these babies, and I am SO glad they are there!  I am SO glad that I can help people go from being a couple... to being a FAMILY.  How many people can say they completed a family?  That's... truly amazing. 

I also heard another quote today.  It is completely true, but it touched me, because when I thought about it, I seen myself.

      "When you become a mother, you stop being the picture, and start being the frame."

For anyone who has experienced parenthood... you know this is what is supposed to happen.  We are supposed to take care of our children.  We are supposed to get up every morning, make them breakfast, send them to school, do their laundry, clean their dishes, bug them to clean their room, kiss them every day and NEVER forget to tell them how much we love them to pieces.  This job is... amazing, stressful, overwhelming, and soo rewarding.  We even get promotions... we got from "Mom" to "Grandma".  When people say that stay at home moms don't work, remember something, we work all day long and all night long.  We don't get "days off".  We don't get "vacation time". We don't even get PAID. 

We do all need to vent.  We all need people to confide in... we don't want to be judged for having a bad day.  I would love for one person on this Earth to tell me they have NEVER had a bad day.  No one was born from the virgin Mary.  No one is God's child... no one is perfect.  We learn as we go.  That's all we can do is learn, we stumble, and sometimes fall.  We need to then pick ourselves up, clean the cuts, and learn that next time, you won't trip over that obstacle.  Sometimes each obstacle takes a few times where we need to fall down and scrape our knees. 

I want to thank everyone who reads these... some of my blogs have messages... some have updates.. some have rambles of a pregnancy hormonal woman.  No matter what I  put up here, someone always reads it.  Thank you all for CARING or being NOSEY enough to read these.  I am trying to LEARN through this surrogacy and pregnancy.  I am just like anyone else, every experience is a lesson... I think that no matter where we are in life, it is so important to stop along the way, and learn something... you may never use that knowledge again [like... grade 12 physics... yeah... this momma may never use that stuff... lol], but it's there.  Thank you for following MY journey, MY lessons, MY hardships.  It helps to know that you are all with me, and I hope that you can all put up with me through the rest of this journey!


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  1.`s funny that your blog is about complaining. I just finished my own ''complaining''blog. We can LOVE being pregnant AND have bad days. We`re only humans. Hopefully our IPs and other people will understand that! lol