Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hey everyone!

Okay, I know that I haven't been blogging lately.. nearly enough.  I've had... so many personal problems come up this week and my world has been turned upside down to say the LEAST!  haha   Okay, so it's all over now, and the last two weeks ahve been CHAOOSSS.  Britney Spears thinks SHE has it bad.. my gosh don't go there lol 

Okay, so.  My IP's and I are getting ready for the birth of the babies [not to actually go and HAVE them, but talking about the specifics now]. 

We agreed on the dynamics of it all, which was great.  No biggie.

The thing we aren't sure of yet, is this.  I'm an open person, I'm a free spirited Canadian.  They are private English folk [for the most part... you know... besides getting a free spirited Canadian knocked up LOL]. 

I, of course, want to film the labor bit at least to share [no faces of them or their voices or anything like that, I know they wouldn't do that, being English and.. private folk is what I called it above I think].  I thought for sure, I'd be able to do that with all of my surrogacies, afterall, that's the part where my body is in full force, and to me, it's just labor, it's all natural, but I wanted to share it really bad!!  The birth part I knew we would have to talk about.  That's a given.  I wanted the medical side to it all, more of an educational and inspirational type of video, again, no faces of the nurses, doctors or them. 

So... I have now found myself in a position where I guess I wasn't clear enough in the beginning again lol  I thought the confidentiality claus in our agreement kind of covered all of this, and as long as they were kept out of it, and their babies too of course, I would be okay. 

We live in different parts of the world, have different experiences etc.  I wanted to do this for MY own labors as well.. and nothing was set up, both times it was "OMFG" moments. With my first, we were in to get an IV put in to be induced the next morning, they checked me to see if I needed anything to efface, and I was 6cm dilated, they had to keep me.  I had no hospital bag, hubby didn't have his bag... we had ... nothing with us. lol  We were both told we should stay, I was told they couldn't release me.  With my second, I had my hospital bag with me at a friends house when my water broke!  I thought I would have time to go home get changed etc, but again, with my fast labors... wasn't happening when I arrived the nurse told hubby right away, if you leave, you could miss it all.  So, again it was a shock, his boss had driven him from WORK to meet me hahaha

So, this will be the first time that I have the opportunity to film it as well. 

They are not sure if they would be comfortable with any of it... not even the labor part.  So, now we're at ends a bit, and trying to settle this.  She already posted something on her blog asking opinions, and I thought it was FINALLY my turn to do it too!  So, for or against, I want your opinions on the subject, to help us all decide what to do. 

Again, I never thought this would come up, a lot of people asked me "didn't you discuss this already", I just figured I had my blogs, they agreed that my youtube blogs were a good idea, they knew how much I shared with you all etc and I honestly figured they knew just how open I was...I read the contract the confidentiality claus, I honestly and truly never even thought this would be an issue!  haha 

Leave your comments, I'm open to both sides, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't :P  I always get mixed comments, which is fine, it's good and I'm glad everyone has an opinion. 

The only thing III don't want is "Why the heck would you put that on the internet?!" or "You're crazy" I want honest full opinions and explanations so I know where you are coming from.  There aren't too many surrogates who are comfortable with posting their labors and births, there are even less who have twins and post it.  I am sharing my pregnancy with you, and I want to share the birth and everything that comes afterwards as well. 

Soo... let me have it!!


- PS -

17.5 weeks
always concentrate too much lol


  1. This is YOUR body, YOUR labor. You are entitled to film your laboring and birth. As long as you dont show the babies and the IPs, you are not breaking contract. Like my lawyer told me, it is MY body and MY decisions to make... until that baby is born, I called the shots. I do not see why it should be an issue for you to tape the birth again, as long as no one is shown. I mean.. in theory, they dont have to be in the room while you are giving birth; this is just something some surrogates agree to.

  2. I think you should film it and then all of you can decide which parts to put online. I think it will be something they will want to look back on as well. Or you can just take loads and loads of pictures and make a slideshow to it.