Friday, February 18, 2011

Not That I Have An Opinion...

Everyone on the blog knows that my other half is moving out shortly.  He's been apartment shopping etc.  A friend of mine offered him a place to stay...for really cheap, just the room.  THAT I don't mind... what I mind is that this friend also have an other half... who doesn't exactly have the greatest priorities.  I have a funky feeling that his weekends off won't be spent with the kids like we had spoke about... but more like on the road, going on trips. 

This also means that I will need a sitter for the days I have expense I don't really have in my verry tight budget right now. 

I can't work with my thyroid [which is the biggest problem] and then find a job where I can sit a lot [as I have nearly strength with these precious babies sucking my nutrients out!].  If I knew how to do taxes, it's tax season and in the next little while, many people will be looking for someone to do their taxes for cheap!  I will be learning how to knit this year, it's one of those things I started to learn, but just never followed up on.

I'm hoping maybe I can get good enough to sell some things online for next winter, everyone like home knit slippers!  I know, I have some! 

For those who popped in for an update... yes, I have an obs appointment today, actually, this morning.  We were [Josh, and children and I] supposed to ALL go up for his appointment [his are 8-9am from Monday to Friday] and then he was going to watch the kids for my appointment. Well.  change of plans, I'll be calling the obs shortly [actually, only in 40 minutes since they open at 830am, my appointment starts 15 minutes after that] to let them know we're running  behind and will be about 20 minutes late.  It's not the way I like to start my day... but if it makes life easier... why not.  Just a shame I woke the children up early for nothing now. lol   I could be SLEEPING!!! *whine, moan and complain*

Today isthe first time any of us will really hear the babies destinctively as the doppler I have isn't the greatest, and we have only heart shadows of the babies' heartbeats. 

Today is also my friend Amy's 20th birthday!  WELCOME TO THE 20's!  30 is next!  *cries*

Thought about make a big ol' breakfast this morning... but I'm just not in the mood, just too tired lol  Lexi and Gabey are just too tired for it too... Lexi is not bawling because her croc from 2 summers ago isn't fitting haha  I think we will need a nap time today....  Now having thrown herself to the floor... yep. Pushed the baby over too... yes, this may very well be a very long day! lol 

Tomorrow is 14 weeks / 3.5 months.  I have a feeling it will take what seems like forever to get there though lol


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