Saturday, February 5, 2011

Had To Share As I Am In Tears

Last night I became a god mother!  My best friend delivered a little girl last night, and I have been waiting since the first pregnancy test to see this little girl.  I have been poking at mommy's tummy and talking to her even when her mother thought I was a loonie toon!

Life is a wonderful thing to give, and I'm very proud of Sara for all that she has gone through to bring her second daughter into this world.  I got the call last night shortly after 9pm and after I hung up, I had to choice but to cry, I was over joyed! 

I don't know why, but it made me look at surrogacy as an angelic thing last night, as my couple will unfortunately never go through labor together as my best friend and her partner did last night, but instead, will be holding each a leg as their babies are brought into this world by someone over an ocean away from their home.  That moment will be magical, and with every follicle of my being, I can't wait!

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