Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Days Wear On

For those of my readers who have children and are housewives, you should know that cabin fever is very real, and effects most of us.  We tend to lose contact with our friends, and we tend to have our lives revolve around housework and keeping our children out of trouble and healthy.  I have made it a goal for this week to make plans for supper or something of that sort with a friend, and just relax, and it has to be child free.  I have never thought that a twin pregnancy would be just so draining, and I guess thatès the biggest different as of yet, and it's severely exhausting. 

I'm not a single mother, but for those of us who have husbands who are workaholics, it can feel like our husbands are big children who have mastered the ability to create mess and clutter.  Anyone who is currently pregnant [for some reason, after pregnancy we tend to forget quickly], just LIVING is tiring sometimes and standing for 5 minutes to clean makes us dizzy and feel sick and weak.  My house has gotten to the point where it will take a good day or two of hard work to get it all done, and the laundry still wouldn't be all done, it can be very frustrating at times. 

Of course, I can't complain, my bills are paid and food is bought.  The chores and child rearing are my entire responsibility though, which can be a heavy load at time.  During the winter, some of us Canadian mothers feel that cabin fever settle in.  I have been told by my doctor that I can no longer push our double stroller through the slushy sidewalks, so I have not really left the house.  I went to a corner store last week I think to quickly pick up some fruit... that's it. 

My personal goals for this week include the following :
1. take a warm bath
2. schedule a supper out with a friend, no children
3. clean the living room today
4. clean the dining room tomorrow [including folding all the clean laundry
5. do some dishes today
6. try to remember to be grateful for all I have, even if sometimes my responsibilities seem overwhelming

Those are the most important anyway.  Let's see how many I can do today, and hopefully there won't be many left by Friday to do.  I will give myself until Sunday to finish though.

What does everyone do to keep motivated?  Sometimes... I feel like it's all piled up for too long and there is no hope lol 


  1. I am not currently pregnant but hope to be by next month. I have a friend that comes over and her daughter plays with my sons and she helps me with cleaning in exchange for my watching her daughter once in a while so she can go to work and not have to pay for childcare. It is really nice to let the kids play together and have someone help with the chores. Also, I am going to assign one chore for each day so it doesn't seem overwhelming. Bathrooms one day, vacuuming one day, dusting and so on. Also, my mom suggests doing just one load of laundry per day. You'll get caught up and stay caught up. Good luck to you.

  2. My house hold creates about 2-3 loads of laundry per day, so I have to do at least 2 a day, but we're working on a better chore list schedule for us, and hopefully it will work out!