Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bawling My Eyes Out

Yes.... Yes I am. 

A friend of mine [who had her surrodaughter just a couple days after I had my son] told me that she vlogged on youtube for HER surrogacy, and tonight, I decided to take the time to go see it!

The first few were kind of what I expected, although, she has WAY more followers and WAY more views haha *tint of jealousy*

So, it honestly took a few hours to get through them all, and then the part I was waiting for... the Labor and Delivery [Part 1 AND 2 were amazing Angèle!].  From about 2 minutes in... I bawled.  It was so motivating, and so touching to see her facial expressions and all the passion behind every second.  She was SO detailed in everything and I just cried! 

There was about 19 minutes to complete the birth story... and I definitely cried for 17 minutes of it and then cried afterward! 

This is what surrogacy is about. 

This is why we do it.

This is why we put ourselves through SO MUCH to give these people children.

Like she said, in that delivery room, it comes full circle.  

It's all over.

You've completed a family.

You've touched the lives of each parent, each child and all of their family and friends forever. 

I later had to vlog to express all of the feelings I was having, and I realized that i hadn't vlogged my tiny belly bump yet! So I did that as well.  I was crying through some of it, I will admit... but it was overly touching.  It makes every discomfort, every pill I need to take [and... there are a lot haha] every blood test... it's all so worth it.

We are 14w2d in a few minutes... and we could potentially have these babies out in 20 weeks now... I can't believe it sometimes, and in a way, I'm trying to hold on and enjoy it all because I know that it won't last forever, and I will regret ever wanting it to end!

Thank you's and praises go out to everyone who has EVER been a surrogate... you've paved the way for the rest of us, and I look up to and admire you all.  You are true miracle workers, and I hope and pray that my IP's will handle everything as well as yours seem to have!



  1. Awe!!! Thank you! Im sorry I made you cry! Darn pregnancy hormones~! xo

  2. Is it possible to have the links cathleen? I would also love to read this, I always think abd say to my family and friends how amazing you r and how strong u must be...if u could see the difference u r making in our families right now WOW! Everyone is rosey cheeked and excited...we got first gifts over the weekend, 2 blankets from the in-laws and some babie essentials from an made it so REAL haha everyone is just so grateful to you for bringing these two amazing gifts into our family! I will always admire you and have u in my heart...THANK YOU xx