Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3 :(

Well, today is day 3 of testing.

It's also the day that everyone goes home.

The house will feel completely empty without everyone here tomorrow morning.  I will wake up with the children, and wait for my amazing friends to wake up.  First I'll wait for C to wake up to use the washroom at around 9am, which has been around the time he goes.  And then I'll wait for T to get up and come sit on the couch and wonder what the heck we're doing for the day.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it all yet.  I know for sure I'm going to cry... as I already am and they only leave in 10 hours.  I have 10 hours - 10 precious hours until they leave to go over the Atlantic Ocean to go back home.  I offered to keep them here forever, but of course, C has to go back to work on Tuesday, so that kind of crashed the idea.  It's definitely more than a little sad, and I truly wish they could stay in Bathurst for another 100 years.

I haven't tested YET, but I'm on my way over right now.  I will keep the blog open of course, but it's wayy too early to expect anything for another 4-6 days for sure.  I should start to take pictures of them, but my camera is soo blurry for the pictures [I'm asking for a camera from hubby for my birthday *HINT HINT JOSH!*  Peeeee time.  Be right back.

So, of course, it's still negative.  I'm going to start to get excited about a possible positive in about 3 days when there's actually a chance.  See, it usually take the egg about a week just to make it into the uterus, and then it has to bury into the uterine lining.  This is why most women don't get a + pregnancy test until around the day their period would show up.  So, no excitement really until 6dpo and then no panic for a - until 12dpo.  I won't stop testing until 15dpo.

Well, three days down.

Anyone have a super sensitive ultrasound machine to lend me so that I can track their embies?  If you do, just drop it off for the next week please.  THANK YOU!


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