Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I woke up with the baby at about 530am [he's teething again, so for the next week, it'll be hell on wheels], and I felt some ovary discomfort, just like pinching, in both sides.  So this morning I'm not feeling well, but that's okay. I'm thinking about going over to subway for breakfast, I definitely have to go do some groceries and get my christmas shopping done.  I also have to print a few pictures out at walmart, that is, I'm going to go online and send my pictures over from my computer lol

That's part of my IPs present too, so I need to take more pictures to send hahahahaha

Unfortunately, my camera card sucks out loud so I may have to steal their camera to take the pictures!  GRR! LOL

Does anyone have any ideas for how to tell my IPs if we get a + test?

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