Wednesday, December 29, 2010

6.5 weeks!

Well folks!  We're over half way done the first trimester!  WOOHOO!!

That picture was for 6 weeks!!  Looking more pregnant, less bloated more and more!

So I now have a computer thank goodness.

I've missed my IPs soooo much the last few weeks, and I was absolutely CRUSHED to not be able to take live tests with them over skype like I had planned for.  

Well... I've been intensely nauseous for the last 3 weeks now.  I'm on the verge of throwing up, constantly.  I feel like all I have to do is throw up and I'll feel better.. but I don't, it just never goes away!  I'm getting my dictlecton tomorrow and now I just have to see if it will help.  I have hot flashes all day and all night.  I'm exhausted constantly... yay for pregnancy though!  it's going to be sooo worth it when I push these little ones out and watch their parents with them for the first time.

I am now delivery in England.  So i will have to fly out at 28 weeks with my two children.  I'm reallllly not looking forward to the actual travel [mostly for health purposes of the stress and physical strain of bringing all that over myself] and being away from Josh for around three months.  It will also be the first time I travel outside the country... and it's more than a little scary... let alone to probably have to go alone with two children under 3.  To say I'm nervous is an understatement.  But it makes their lives a lot on a journey to England I shall exactly 5 months from today!

I'm just hoping that everything else starts to fall into place because just thinking about the travel is stressful.  We are going to try to save up enough to bring hubby over with me at least.  We will need both big carseats, luggage, the two children, me with a big tummy and a diaper bag.  

I'm also looking for health coverage for when I go over ... if anyone has any ideas, plleeeaase let me know!

There is so much to do still!  The part I thought was the biggest part [getting pregnant] soo wasn't.

Alright, so I think I updated for the most part lol

I will be blogging more regularly now that I have a computer!  Just got it tonight!

Will have more pictures on Sunday when we hit 7 weeks!

Less than a month to wait for our first OBS!

Hope EVERYONE had a GREAT Christmas!!!


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  1. Wow! You`re going there to deliver?? I thought they were coming here for the last few months...

    You`re belly is really starting to show.. 6.5 weeks.. Sooo exciting!!!