Sunday, November 21, 2010

Less Than A Week!

Until our friends T and C arrive!!  We're all starting to bounce around and of course, I can never believe that they're actually coming.  It's like when you're in grade 5, and you dream of graduating, but it's surreal until you actually get there and they hand you that diploma.  Okay, even THEN you have a hard time to believe it.  Hopefully I won't be pinching myself and poking them to make sure they're not real the whole week.

I feel like I've known them forever, and them visiting has always been a "I wish" thing, never a "okay, we're planning on coming in x amount of months, let's make an itinerary for when we're there!".  Not that I wrote up an itinerary....  Okay... I actually am... but I mean... I may never see them again! I want to make sure they have fun!

Has anyone got any good ideas of activities we could do?

I'm barely nervous, and mostly excited.  I think I'm going to hug them and they're going to end up thinking I'm a freak... how do you greet someone who you've wanted to meet for 6 months?  They're like my best friends, and I've never met them.  They know all of my deep dark secrets, and I have never gazed into their eyes in person.  I've told them things and feelings that I wouldn't dare write in a journal of any kind, and I have never sat down at a meal with them.  It's just a little breath taking at first to realize that it's actually happening.

I want to work out a meal schedule too, interesting Canadian food only please!!  Hopefully they will also help cooking and add some English foods!!

CD 7 so far!!

Gotta love tracking cycles lol It's always on my mind.  Every morning I update myself on what CD I am and what it  means, check CM and cervical location... what a lot of work, which seems to be routine now :)

Alrighty, I'm done for now hahahahha

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  4 days until T and C leave home to come!


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  1. Try not to let counting and checking your CM get to you....i dont really even do that anymore, lol...i have to go to my blog and see what day im on....but ive tried concetrating on it and then ive tried not caring, and neither has gotten me pregnant, hope you have a fun time when they come!!