Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Excitement... The Nerves... The Messy House

My friends arrive in an HOUR!  I'm getting the kids ready to go right now!!  I woke up with a runny nose, and we certainly didn't get the house cleaned last night lol  We DID try, but we also failed.  Which is fine since we have all week.  Hubby worked 7 days straight so that he could get more time off next week, and while doing so, we were both too tired to clean at night.

Having not even turned the baby's room into the spare room, they will have to laugh at us while we attempt to take the baby's crib down tonight, as we have not done that in a YEAR.  lol  I'm hoping they don't think too little of us for being sooo disorganized.  I really do blame it on the children and current family disaster [everyone is fine, just a few dramatic family members].    I think we all have a Monster In Law... and I certainly DON'T feel alone in that, as most of my friends have reassured me that even though most aren't as bad as mine, there are some of my friends [both male AND female] who will admit to wanted to strangle their MIL's on a regular basis.

Because the house is so messy, I have this picture for you all, rest assured that this is NOT how messy MY house is, but rather, how bad it COULD be :P  Hopefully it will give some humor to my problem haha

I promise I can see floor in each of my rooms!!  LOL

I have told myself that I will eat out today with them so that I can avoid cooking in the kitchen, as it's the worst room, Lexi's room just need tidying and so does Gabey's, but the kitchen is sooo easy to have messed up!

Lexi and Gabey have probably  been mentioned before, but they are my children :)  Now Lexi [Alexandra] is 26 months and Gabey [Gabriel] is 7 months.  I'm sure I've mentioned them before, although, I have tried to keep this blog about surrogacy.  This week, the two merge so I figure it's okay haha.

I will have loads and loads of updates as the week goes on.  

I took an OPK last night, and it was darker again! I think I'll get a positive today :D  This mean insems tonight or tomorrow depending on my IPs.  I think the final test would be on the 8th either way, so I'm amazingly excited that my 2WW goes through another month, I find it's easier to think that December is close, and then that means the first 4 days are gone, and then there are only 8 days left lol I don't know.  Everyone hates the 2WW.

Please think of Candy today, she's been testing a few days for a + OPK and she's getting nervous haha  The latest day she could get a + is on the 30th I think.  I can't wait for her to get a + !!  Her and I will be amazingly close in gestation if we both get pregnant this month.  She's also using clomid, so we could both potentially b having twins as well.  I'm taking is because my cycle lengths are soo long [34 days] and it's healthier to have shorter cycle, which is what the clomid offers, which is a maximum of 32 days.  Those 2 days make a big difference!!  

Alrighty, I have a half hour before I have to be out the door now!! Soooo exciting, but I have to brush my teeth!! LOL  the kids aren't ven dressed, I woke up and realized that I hadn't blogged!  

If anyone has ideas on what I should talk about next blog, let me know!!  I usually have a small project that I'm researching about, but lately I was avoiding this since I had so much to do.  In return, I've been a bit boring hahahaha.

HAVE AN AMAZING DAY.  They are staying here but we are all computer addicts and tonight I will blog to give you all a play by play.



  1. I`m so excited for you! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks you!!! hehe Did insems last night and are officially in the 2WW!!